In the making: Trivet stool

A stool based on three identical legs forming a seat when joined together. As with most steam-bent forms there’s a certain amount of trial and error involved. So far, there’s been plenty of trial and definitely enough error… but as they say, if something’s worth doing, it’s worth getting it wrong. Hopefully, determination and harsh language will see us through.

Are we there ?...

The stool has been in the making for nearly a year - most of that time has been spent in the perpetual stress-test environment that is my home. I have also been taking it to task in the workshop to use as a 'pop-up' or 'kick step' and so far it has proved fantastically resilient. I have also taken it along on a renovation project I've been doing in London, where it's been literally the only stick of furniture in the place. Although to be entirely accurate, it is actually three sticks.

A seat cushion is currently being trialled.




Making less do more

Utility, long-life, and good value defines everything I produce. What I make looks and functions the way it does in order to accommodate change and to be more useful for longer. It is as much designed for transport and storage as it is for being taken apart and put back together again. Furniture which lends itself to change serves its purpose better.

Exceptional value

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