Harlequin Table
Harlequin Table
Harlequin Table
Harlequin Table
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A table made from tiles of birch plywood laminated to a plywood structure. With alternating grain direction, the pattern wraps continuously over the table top, around the apron, down and around the legs: structure and ornament are hand in glove. Not so much 'form follows function', this is 'style strengthens substance'.

The model shown is 208 cm long by 80 cm wide but the table can be made to your preferred dimensions; drawers can also be added, just contact me to discuss your requirements.


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Utility, long-life, and good value defines everything I produce. What I make looks and functions the way it does in order to accommodate change and to be more useful for longer. It is as much designed for transport and storage as it is for being taken apart and put back together again. Furniture which lends itself to change serves its purpose better.

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