“George has made some beautiful furniture for us in the past. He is totally brilliant at everything he does.”

  Jonathan Tuckey

Throughout my professional life I have made furniture for private and corporate clients, interior designers, artists, architects, galleries and museums, quite a few friends and relations too.

There is a perception that commissioning any unique work is going to be expensive and remains an exalted province visited only by those wishing to display their considerable wealth to their peers. I would say that long-life, usefulness and functionality are infinitely more valuable qualities than luxury. If long-life can be achieved by good design and skillful making, then good value should follow whether the object is one of a kind or one of many.

The RKO Folding Standard Lamp
The RKO Folding Standard Lamp
The RKO Folding Standard Lamp

I once made a five metre long dining room table for a very senior executive of BP. For this I sourced the longest planks of oak I’ve ever worked with and there are some very real costs associated with producing something so huge. Though the grain pattern ran from one end to the other, the table could separate into two, still reasonably huge, tables - the intention being that each could eventually go to my client’s two children.

I have also made a bed of a bizarrely un-standard size for a client who works in adult education. The bed I built, really a platform, was made to fit within the rather fragile frame of a French Empire bed (so short, it could have belonged to Bonaparte himself). Though its role is now cosmetic, the antique bed’s life has been extended almost indefinitely.

In both cases, my clients wishes were the same: not only did both want something of a very specific size and nature, but something which would continue to serve a purpose long into the future.  Both commissions were undertaken in the same spirit shared with my low-volume production furniture: to produce work of great utility, long-life and functionality at exceptional value.

Whatever the project you have in mind, we would be happy to help you bring it to life.

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“We tasked George with making us some birch plywood storage boxes which we used to create a set at an Art Fair. The work was exemplary and George was full of ideas for how to improve our concept. We will definitely be back to use George again and recommend his services highly.”

  Nick Bentley, Director at Bils & Rye Ltd

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Making less do more

Utility, long-life, and good value defines everything I produce. What I make looks and functions the way it does in order to accommodate change and to be more useful for longer. It is as much designed for transport and storage as it is for being taken apart and put back together again. Furniture which lends itself to change serves its purpose better.

Exceptional value

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