Free Range Bookcase
Free Range Bookcase
Free Range Bookcase
Free Range Bookcase
Free Range Bookcase
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A rugged self assembly bookcase of a fixed height and depth, made in three widths:

  • Small: 500mm
  • Medium: 1000mm
  • Large: 1500mm

A combination of sliding dovetail joints on the shelf ends and wedged tenons on the top and bottom rails keep the bookcase uprights locked together.

For larger widths a degree of bow is to be expected when fully laden with books, this is intended and entirely within what the shelves will comfortably accommodate. Each shelf of the large model will hold upwards of 200 lbs or 90kg.

Shelves which gently smile should not be the exclusive preserve of second hand book dealers. The first of these bookcases was made for an art historian whose shelves groaned under the weight of his books, a degree or two of bow is something to be admired.

Height 1635 mm

240 mm (front to back)

Between shelves

310 mm

Shelf depth 220 mm (front to back)
Total Width

Small 636 mm, Medium 1000 mm, Large 1500 mm 

Shelf width 

Small 500 mm, Medium 864 mm, Large 1364 mm

Recommended timbers

European and UK chestnut, oak, ash, sycamore.
Please specify at checkout.

Model shown

1500mm wide. Knotty oak, limed

Weight Small: 27 kg. Med: 36 kg. Large: 45 kg


Free delivery. Made to order and delivered in 8 - 10 weeks depending on unit quantity.

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